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The Inquiry Cycle

Definitions Edit

Inquiry is an investigation into learning something more on a topic. A process that involves research on a specific topic. A seeking or request for truth, information, or knowledge. The act of asking questions in order to gather and collect information. A process that has the aim of resolving doubts.

Since we are using a wiki and defining inquiry, why not look at a wiktionary? [[1]]

Background Edit

Inquiry is a study into a worthy question, issue, problem or idea. It is the authentic, real work that that someone in the community might tackle. It is the type of work that those working in the disciplines actually undertake to create or build knowledge. Therefore, inquiry involves serious engagement and investigation and the active creation and testing of new knowledge.

Inquiry is the way you act when asking a question. It could be for investigations and resolving doubt and solving a problem. It can be also for research to find ideas about specific subject and it could be in argument.

Uses and Examples Edit